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Do you dream of an inviting, relaxing backyard deck for your Colorado home but you’re not sure where to start or how to get your dream deck built? You’re not alone. Building a deck that looks great with your current landscaping and is also a beautiful, functional outdoor space can seem overwhelming.

That’s where PrimeCo Exteriors steps in. We are a custom deck builder and work closely with you to build a custom, long-lasting deck that fits your budget and enhances your Colorado home and outdoor living space, using TimberTech’s Advanced PVC and Composite Products.

PrimeCo Exteriors is passionate about decks because nothing elevates your backyard area better than a well-built deck. Imagine all the parties and family events you will enjoy in your backyard, featuring a beautiful new deck by PrimeCo Exteriors in Colorado. We serve Woodland Park, Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Custom Deck Colorado Springs Woodland Park

Why TimberTech is #1 in Premium Decking

You need an outdoor space that is low maintenance, durable, and most importantly, fits your lifestyle. PrimeCo Exteriors uses TimberTech decking, which brings you all three. It is the most realistic looking wood decking product on the market. It doesn’t fade, splinter, peel, crack or rot, and doesn’t need to be stained year after year. Do you have a particular color in mind? Let us know, because it comes with 20 finish options. We can help you find just the right color to match your home.

Best of all, it lasts for decades. So even though it may cost more upfront than a real wood deck, it turns into long-term savings when you consider it won’t need to be maintained over its lifetime.

Looking for some peace of mind? TimberTech comes with Limited Product and Fade & Stain warranties that range from 25 years to lifetime.

And if you’re interested in sustainability, you are reducing waste that a real deck would create in a landfill, by using TimberTech products.

  • DURABLE: Made of a mix of high-performance and recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fibers, TimberTech’s Composite Decking is made to last and won’t split, splinter or rot.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Forget sanding, staining or sealing your deck. An occasional scrub and rinse are all that’s needed.
  • FADE AND STAIN RESISTANT: Enjoy a richly hued, unblemished deck for decades with protective capping that resists UV rays and staining.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANT: With a protective polymer cap with no wood fibers, TimberTech boards are protected from moisture damage like mold, mildew and rot.
  • WARRANTY PROTECTION: Rest easy knowing your investment is protected by 30- and 25-year limited warranties that vary by collection.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Made in the USA from up to 85% recycled material, including reclaimed and recycled wood, plastic jugs and bags, and other discarded plastics for an eco-friendly choice.


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TimberTech Products

Better Performance

TimberTech products are engineered to perform better than wood and won’t fade, stain, splinter, or peel. TimberTech boards look like new for decades without the costly upkeep of sanding, sealing, or refinishing.

Value That Lasts

While the initial cost to build with TimberTech boards is typically more expensive than wood, there’s no resurfacing or staining – and your Advanced PVC or Composite deck will last for decades to come – which means long-term savings that will continue to add up.

Leaders in Deck Design

We’re always looking for the next trend in deck design, and creating new colors and finishes homeowners want. From our growing collection of realistic wood grains, textures, and colors to multiwidth options that expand your design potential, you have everything you need to create a unique outdoor space.