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If you need a painting contractor in Woodland Park, Colorado, PrimeCo Exteriors is the best choice if you want a painting job that is done well, on budget and with guaranteed craftsmanship. Serving El Paso and Teller Counties. Choose a company like PrimeCo Exteriors, in order to get the job done right.

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How to get the most out of your painting contractor?

Prep work is especially important when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. Without proper prep work your home project may not have the results you are hoping for. The easiest way to ensure the proper prep work will be completed is to ASK YOUR CONTRACTOR what prep work is required. If you have old, chipped paint they should have several steps in mind such as SCRAPING AND SANDING AND CAULKING to ensure a fine finish making your home look like new. If they say no prep work is required, you may consider getting A SECOND OPINION. Of course, if your home was recently built or if your deck was just built, it may be that no prep work is required.

PrimeCo Exteriors takes great pride in the time we take to do each job correctly the first time. This may mean we spend extra time performing the proper prep work before any pain is applied. We make sure that all surfaces are prepped correctly so the finished produce looks great! This also ensures that your finished project looks outstanding for years to come.

Why is prep work so important?

Prep work is the most important step during a house painting project. Painting over a non-prepped dirty or chipped home will result in having to paint AGAIN in 1-2 years. By pressure washing, sanding, scraping, priming, and caulking, this allows the exterior surface of your home to have a better surface for the new paint, preventing short term repairs. Proper prep work allows for long term paint and stain to maintain its “like new” appearance anywhere from 5-8 years.

Painting Products

Learn more about our top quality painting products!

PrimeCo Exteriors Staining Painting Contractor Decks Woodland Park
Sherwin Williams Paints
PrimeCo Exteriors Staining Painting Contractor Decks Woodland Park
Sherwin Williams Primers
  • WoodScapes Solid Stain (PDF)

Paint Warranties

2-year Standard Warranty
  • Super Paint
  • 45-year caulking
  • All-purpose primer
5-year Premium Warranty
  • Duration paint
  • 55-year caulking
  • Peel bond primer

If you need any work done to the exterior of your home, please contact us today so we can provide a free estimate. We service both Teller and El Paso counties, and surrounding areas.