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At PrimeCo Exteriors in Woodland Park, Colorado, we treat your home like our home. We have installed countless residential roofs, keeping our customers happy since 2012. We have numerous partnerships with industry leaders, demonstrating our commitment to quality and continual improvement. Colorado’s extreme weather can cause damage to your roof frequently. We guarantee our finished product so you can be certain that you have the quality roof you’re looking for. Choose a company like PrimeCo, in order to get the job done right the first time, from a quality roofing contractor.

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If your project is through an insurance claim, we’ll make sure any and all damage is included in the claim (not just roofing but gutters, siding, etc.) — potentially saving you thousands!


Learn more about Our Top Quality Roofing Products!

TAMKO Roofing Products
  • Stormfighter IR Flex (Class 4) (PDF)
  • Titan XT (Class 3) (PDF)
  • NorthGate Climate Flex (Class 4) (PDF)
  • Presidential IR (Class 4) (Luxury Shingle) (PDF)
  • Grand Manor (Slate Shingle) (PDF)

Roofing Warranty

PrimeCo offers a 3-year labor warranty that covers everything except acts of God related to the installation of the roof. Different shingle manufactures have different manufacturers’ warranties for different products. If there are any other questions please reach out to ask.

Roofing FAQs

Do you know how shingles are tested?

Do you know how shingles are tested? Standard testing for shingle resistance is tested using a simulated hail storm, with hail stones hitting the roof at 90 mph.

One of the reasons PrimeCo Exteriors suggests Class 4 shingles is because they have been shown to resist the impact during this simulation.

Class 4 shingles allow advantages as a homeowner. PrimeCo Exteriors recommends Class 4 shingles!

Roofing Contractor Woodland Park

Why a Class 4 Roof System?

Colorado homeowners benefit from Class 4 Impact Resistant Roof Systems. PrimeCo Exteriors use Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofing Systems for increased strength, elasticity, and better granular adhesion. This helps with better durability and more savings in the long run. We have been working with Insurance Carriers for years to help resolve Storm Damage Claims for Colorado Homeowners.

How Can I Tell if My Home Needs a New Roof?

As a homeowner, knowing when you need to replace your roof is essential in order to avoid disaster. There are three important factors to consider: age, appearance and leaks.


Layers of a Roofing System

  1. 1. Ice & Water Underlayment
  2. 2. Synthetic Underlayment
  3. 3. Starter Shingles
  4. 4. Roof Shingles
  5. 5. Hip & Ridge Shingles

Our Roofing Process


Free Estimate

A member of our sales team will come out and assess your roof of any damage and talk with you about necessary materials.


Removal & Repair

Remove all old shingles, flashing, and repair OSB when needed.



Ice and water shield as well as synthetic underlayment is installed to ensure your roof is protected against extreme weather and up to code.


Lay New Roof Shingles

Lay starter shingles, nail down layers, install new shingles, cap the ridges, and clean up all debris.


Walk Through

Upon completion, a member of our team with come out and do a walk through to insure your satisfaction.

If you need any work done to the exterior of your home, please contact us today so we can provide a free estimate. We service both Teller and El Paso counties, and surrounding areas.