PrimeCo Exteriors Siding Contractor Woodland Park – Why Replace Siding?

Curb Appeal

One of the many benefits of replacing siding includes adding curb appeal, which can be especially important when it comes to resale of your home. Think, first appearance/ What do you want when you look at the exterior of your home? Many prospective buyers won’t take time to look at the beautiful interior of a home if they don’t like the exterior. People will absolutely “judge the house by its exterior” and assume the interior is in a similar condition.

MANY Benefits of Increased Insulation

Many older homes were built before the benefits of effective insulation were created. Good insulation allows for more comfort, reduced energy consumption allowing for lower heating and cooling bills.

Replacing your homes siding is an easy solution to make insulation more efficient and reduce the transfer of cold and heat from the interior to the exterior and vise versa. Today many of the modern siding materials have insulation incorporated into the products. If you have decided on a non-insulated material PrimeCo Exteriors can add in a laying of insulation before fitting the siding.

Reduce your Maintenance and Repair Expenses

Siding not only makes your home look good and helps to reduce the bills, but it also plays an important roll in protecting your home and family. With siding that may be damaged, be poor quality, or is not securely attached, the structure of your home may be compromised.

Think about how water can affect your home. It can damage timber, plasterboard, and even electrical wiring. Water damage is a major problem when siding is not protecting your home properly. This can lead to bigger problems and much more expensive repairs. In the long run it will be cheaper and safer to replace the siding of your home before water or moisture cause serious damage and serious repairs.

Wind can be another damaging factor for your home. Old or damages siding may allow for the wind to peel siding away. This may cause a chain reaction causing more siding panels to become loose, damaged, and even fall off. Proper installation of siding allows for product security that is airtight preventing future wind damage.


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LP Smart Siding

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Diamond Kote

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Why Diamond Kote?

Our Siding Process


Free Estimate

This includes determining which material of siding is best for you.

Siding Contractor Woodland Park PrimeCo Exteriors Colorado Springs

Remove Old Siding

We also fix any issues that may be beneath the surface.

Siding Contractor Woodland Park PrimeCo Exteriors Colorado Springs

New Siding Material

New substrate, moisture barrier and siding are installed on your house.

Siding Contractor Woodland Park PrimeCo Exteriors Colorado Springs

Final Product

We’ll ensure your home is finished and sealed properly for beautiful, long-lasting siding.

If you need any work done to the exterior of your home, please contact us today so we can provide a free estimate. We service both Teller and El Paso counties, and surrounding areas.